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We’re pleased to announce that will be open to everyone in early April 2012.


Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be adding exclusive content and many more exciting features (such as sounds) to Pottermore for you to explore, share and discover.

For more information, please return to the Pottermore Insider home page.

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14 years. 7 books. 8 films. And a world of memories.


Two days ago, in honor of Jo&Harry’s birthdays I asked for you all to share with me your fondest memories of the Harry Potter series, whether they were about hard times, friendships, funny moments, or anything you particularly enjoyed. I received some absolutely fantastic submissions, so I decided to share all of them. Here they are; I hope you take the time to read what fellow fans have gone through in the name of this series. I also included my own feelings about the series as a footnote. Enjoy! :)


What the Harry Potter series means to me…

Submitted by: broadwaygirl.


My fondest memory of Harry is…

Reading all of his adventures, and not just reading about them living them. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger & Ron Weasley have taught me so much like friendship, loyalty and love. I was there to see them grow up, to see Ron and Hermione fall in love with each other and I was there to presence every battle fought whether it was between each other, against Voldemort, or inside Harry’s head. Hogwarts is always going to be there and It’ll never be over for me. I want to thank J.K. Rowling for writing this amazing series and sharing it with the world. I stuck with Harry until the very end.

Submitted by: cine-camera.


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All my duel invitations have expired :(.

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I have made a decision! Once the site opens to all in October, I will re-post all exclusive content after everybody has a chance to explore it.

I have saved all of my content in a file, just waiting to be put back up here :).

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Over one-fifth of the people have been let into Pottermore now and the number of people in each house has started to even out.

Slytherin’s currently in the lead, and we still don’t have dueling back. Sigh.

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The Pottermore Insider said that they’d work on improving the brewing potions feature soon, since they’ve received a lot of complaints regarding the time it takes to brew a potion.

Sigh, I just hope they bring dueling back soon; there’s really no other effective way to earn House points at the moment. There are about 145K people on Pottermore right now, so there’s still a long way to go until the million. Unless it’s been updated, I think Slytherin is in the lead, but my own house, Ravenclaw, is not far behind.

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Hmm, the dueling section is still not functioning, and I have to say, brewing potions is siriusly not the most effective way to earn House points -_-.

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UPDATE: Another batch of Welcome emails was sent out on Friday 19 August, at approximately 12:30pm (BST).

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ϟ: Pottermore Beta: The Latest


We’re now four days into the Pottermore Beta and we wanted to update you on how things are going.

At the start of this week, we sent out Welcome emails to a small number of Beta users. These people have been busy exploring the site, leaving comments to tell us when they like something, and…

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I successfully brewed a cure for boils and earned 5 house points (first time I successfully brewed a potion).

Then I tried brewing a forgetfulness potion and even my Pewter cauldron exploded, and I lost five points because it was the second cauldron I exploded in two days. I feel like Seamus or Neville :(.

So I went and bought a brass cauldron and am currently attempting to brew an antidote for common poisons.

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